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Air Conditioning is Science in Action

It is a Scientific Fact that Heat ALWAYS goes to Cold.  It doesn’t matter what direction, heat always goes to cold.  Your house is radiating heat in the winter and absorbing heat in the summer.  How fast this transfer of heat occurs is a matter of how good your insulation is. 


But we have to be careful how fast we remove the heat!  If we take it out too fast then the moisture in the air will condense and you would end up with mold and mildew inside your home.  This is what happens during a thunderstorm, the warm and cold airs collide and it rains.  I can make it rain inside your house with an A/C that is too big!  Science is Fun.


An air conditioner is a Heat Transfer Device that moves heat from inside to outside.  How much heat we have to transfer is determined by a Heat Load Calculation.

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