Heat System Check-Up

     Most HVAC systems are used year ‘round and things happen during that year. Every manufacturer of heating equipment in the US recommends a seasonal check-up of heating equipment.  In many cases, that check-up is a condition of the warranty.  The speed of air in the duct, amount of electricity used by the blower motor, the temperature between the return air & supply air – all of these things can make a difference in how comfortable you might be this winter and how much that comfort will cost you.


     A slight change in the gas pressure or changes in the fan speed are all that might be needed to make that difference.  Each unit’s manufacturer has a set of specifications that your equipment was designed to operate at and a professional check-up will re-align equipment to meet those specifications.


     Each year those numbers are recorded and compared with the original manufacturer’s specifications and your unit’s performance from the year before.  Changes, if needed, are made to keep your unit in top operating condition for maximum comfort and efficiency.


     At 64 West, the check-up is more than just a change of the air filter.  The smoke detector is checked and batteries changed, if needed.  Batteries in the thermostats are changed as well.


Comfort – Efficiency – Safety  64 West is looking out for you!