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There is no way I can share over 40+ years of information, class room time and field experience on this web page.


Here are the “Bullet Points”


  • If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist.  No matter what anyone says, a handshake is meaningless in court. 


  • An estimate should be written and include the model numbers of the equipment recommended.

  • An agreement to install/replace a heating & air system must include (by Virginia Law) a Start Date and a Finish Date.  This agreement must have specifically what work is to be done (including materials used) at your home.  This agreement is to be signed by both parties involved.

  • All gas appliances installed are required (by Virginia Law) to have a permit and inspection.  The person who gets the permit is the responsible party for the job.  Do not buy a permit for someone else

  • Today’s air conditioning systems are 4X more efficient than those made in 1968.  What this means is the 3 ton unit manufactured today is greatly oversized in comparison to the 3 ton unit you have right now.  I have replaced 4 ton units with 2 ton units achieving greater comfort and economy.

  • If your duct system was installed more than 10 years ago it probably won’t work well with today’s much more efficient equipment.  A poor duct system will cause problems.

  • All licensed contractors follow the Virginia Building Code so all the jobs should be done the same.  A company that advertises on TV is going to be more expensive because they have to pay for the TV commercials - and they are very expensive.  Local companies have lower expenses and will be more affordable. 

  • Get 3 written estimates and compare the model numbers quoted.  Look them up and see what this company brings to your table.  "High Efficiency Equipment" is not a model number.

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