Why Call a Licensed Plumber?

The most difficult job I have is when the unskilled, unlicensed, "Do It Yourselfer" has been to the job site before me.  I almost always have to tear everything out and do the job again.  This gets the homeowner angry because now the job cost twice what it should be. 

It is always more expensive to do a job the second time.



Kitchen Sink Repairs

Drain Line Cleaning / Replacement

Faucet Repair / Replacement

Garbage Disposal Installations

Drain Line Repair


Bathroom Repairs

Sink Drain Cleaning

Faucet Repair / Replacement

Leaky Drain Lines Repaired

Leaky Faucet Repair


Toilet Repair / Replacement


Tub/Shower Drain Line Cleaning

Tub/Shower Faucet Repair / Replacement

Shower Head Replacement

Hand Held Shower Installation


Washing Machine Drain Line Cleaning & Replacement


Water Heater Repair / Replacement (Tank & Tankless)

Backyard / Front yard Faucet Repair / Replacement

Cracked Drain Pipe


Professional Trap Installation.jpg

Kitchen Waste Installed


Moen & Delta faucets have had

the same internal parts for as

long as I've been in the trade.  If something breaks,

parts are readily available.

There are companies that show the latest in fashions but fashion comes and goes and then

the parts become obsolete and

you end up buying a new bathroom.

Don't be a slave to fashion!

Of course,

I'll install whatever you want

but when it breaks I'll say,

"I told ya so"

Rinnai Tank Less Water heater

The only foreign made item I sell - 

This little device is a 

Rinnai Tank Less water heater.

I got the first one almost 20 years ago and it is still operating at the old house.  My gas bill is next to nothing and I have all the hot water a guy could ever ask for.  It doesn't stop until I turn the valve off.

There were 9 people in my family growing up.  I wish I had one of these back then!

As you can see, it is outside.


It looked so easy on YouTube!