The Truth is –


  • Advertising on television cost money, a lot of money.  If your A/C company is advertising on TV, the cost of those expensive commercials are added to your invoice.


  • Easy Financing is a name only.  The same credit score is used whether you’re sitting at the dining room table or standing in line at the teller’s window.  If you’re not able to get credit at the bank, you’re probably not going to get credit at the dining room table either.  The credit union, right now, is charging 2.5% interest on a loan.  The Easy Credit guy at the dining room table is charging you 18 – 21% interest on that same loan.


  • Most of the duct systems installed more than 10 years ago are shot and need to be replaced.  They are leaky and, in many cases, oversized for the air flow they are supposed to handle.  Their insulation is not that good causing gross inefficiency in the system and mold in some cases.


  • The ONLY way to properly size a heating and air conditioning system is with a Heat Load Calculation.


  • A permit and inspection are required on all gas appliance installations.  This inspection is to protect you from less than quality work.  The person doing the work should get the permit, never buy a permit for a contractor.  The contractor should do this, making them the responsible party for the work.  If your contractor doesn’t offer or is unwilling to get the permit, find another contractor!


  • All licensed contractors in Virginia follow the same code book.  A, B or C contractor class is only a tax designation.  All the work should look and operate the same when it’s completed.